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fashion_styles_of_le_dynasty_women_by_lilsuika-d6fc8qt cheongsam_qipao_chinese red_wedding_chinese_dress ne_tiger_cheogsam_dress cheongsam_qipao_chineseNe. Tiger 2010 spring/ summer fashion show Deng-Hao fashion shenzhen new york city fashion week review  Deng Hao’s Spring/Summer 2014   e332eebd3df91aa76253ca339f83f201 Modern Qi Pao (Cheongsam) combines the elaborate elegance of Chinese tradition     375285-GuoPeisbridalphotoafp-1336403580-820-640x480375285-GuoPeisbridalphotoafp-1336403648-696-640x480375285-GuoPeisbridalphotoafp-1336404345-545-640x480 Designer Guo Pei`s bridal fashion show “Chinese Brides, Dragons Story”   modern-chinese-gown Fan Bingbing in Christopher Bu dress     180422-models-present-creations-for-the-ne-tiger-2012-haute-couture-collectio 180421-a-model-presents-a-creation-for-the-ne-tiger-2012-haute-couture-collec NE TIGER, China’s oldest luxury brand   chinese_embroidery_in_fashion_dress_1 chinese_embroidery_in_fashion_dress_2 chinese_embroidery_in_fashion_dress_3 Caternity’s Spring/Summer 2013 fashion, Beauty of Tang Dynasty     CFW-AW14-Jiwenbo-web-res-3885 CFW-AW14-Jiwenbo-web-res-3921 CFW-AW14-Jiwenbo-web-res-3944 CFW-AW14-Jiwenbo-web-res-3958 CFW-AW14-Jiwenbo-web-res-4056 CFW-AW14-Jiwenbo-web-res-4099


Cotton Long Sleeve Qipao / Cheongsam / Chinese Dress by AnneF

Cotton Long Sleeve Qipao / Cheongsam / Chinese Dress by AnneF

Stuporous #6 Via テレサ チェン

Cheongsam / Qipao, Chinese Traditional Dress

Cheongsam / Qipao, Chinese Traditional Dress

Cheongsam cheongsam

Cheongsam / Qipao, Chinese

Chinese fashion Uma Wang


It’s time for black:-D

Now I’m working on wire needles size 20 mm, today I have added black color (just few rows) and last will be pink. All yarn is made on finger knitting. I’m going to finish by crochet. It looks now like bag;) because wire is too short when I finish it should be medallion I hope;)))). I start to do exactly the same pattern but on pins with thread (:*)). I don’t know am I able to continue…DSC_0581