• 13142028_11nguopei_008guo-pei-from-catwalk-collection-2007-1024x958814854d89f35f8c88d61771664fa9a27da8ca0a9e74fd8f25b8cdf965db4924681b970b75030c5f167e70315affb8ffcCarmen walks for designer Guo Pei during China Fashion Weeka4571e4ca66b846a4bc5f9fabf5b4928 45da5d3d98256c63f3b45ad211fbbbd3 ba0b44929c7c5a56589edcd9a91e9279 6f0716a4324bddce8222b1d1d3a7a527 e66f10daf609273fb8bc78d57fdd7a6d ad907c790ddcafa211d84d29b77e9418 0ea5cfc1fa8ea5e35d255c8f7b2e7627 c6c4a2aea4991f4ec8e1ba944b5abc94 21d792a9363d629fb88a02ed2f84aa59 ca2e06eb6ea886605cb1d763d22bc8ba 59154ee5a0dec8024a4b2689773240e1 272edb940f93a66be06473b26cee310c


…what a fabric manipulation 😮


9 thoughts on “Guo Pei MASTER”

  1. This is extraordinary! I am passionate about fashion and I’ve been working in the industry for 2 years now and this is the first time I’ve seen anything like it! Fabulous!

      1. Yes!!! I really respect people making those clothes, I mean I’ve seen short videos showing the work of people in Haute Couture it is sooo time consuming and it really requires great ammount of patience!
        Are you learning to sew?

      2. Yes I’m on first year f designing, I’m crazy about sewing I’d like to know everything about it:-S. I love sewing machine :-D. This is my passion. What about you?

      3. Amazing!!! What college do you go to???
        I started sewing when I was 15 so it’s getting better, I alway was on a sewing course but that didn’t was of much help :/
        But I am thinking about fashion design once I graduate high school although I don’t know as I want both buisness and fashion designing 😉

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