Finally I can show you my steam punk skirt- last project for school. Patterns weren’t my but I’m quite  happy.




Here I am sewing bolero and pencil skirt. Most important for me is that first time in my life I did my own pattern.  Skirt and bolero is not finished yet but I had to show you!!! I am really happy;)








something funny

My son is crazy about droids from Star Wars. Because I wanted to sew something for him I picked droid >:) (why not) . I didn’t have enough time but I tried hard 😀 😀 >:) DSC_1092battledroid_detail

They look almost the same:-P 😉 reaction of my family was very funny…..


Hi:-D Today I decided to knit bracelet. This is my first time:-o. What you think? DSC_1076 DSC_1075 DSC_1077DSC_1085



Hello, this is CANNELLA (pipe;)). I was inspired by front  and chimney of steam locomotive….DSC_1066DSC_1067DSC_1070


Assessment ;0)

SKETCHBOOK- STEAM PUNK PENCIL SKIRT (It looks messy but I was in a hurry) DSC_1020DSC_1022DSC_1023DSC_1027DSC_1024DSC_1025DSC_1026DSC_1028DSC_1029DSC_1030DSC_1031DSC_1032DSC_1033DSC_1034DSC_1035DSC_1036DSC_1037DSC_1038DSC_1039DSC_1040DSC_1041DSC_1042DSC_1043DSC_1044DSC_1045DSC_1047DSC_1048DSC_1051DSC_1052DSC_1053DSC_1054DSC_1055DSC_1056DSC_1057DSC_1059DSC_1060DSC_1061DSC_1062DSC_1063DSC_1064DSC_1065


Next project – Last project

All these samples are for pencil skirt. I decided to find inspiration from tribal- steampunk. Final skirt looks quite different then above samples showing. I changed direction because I start to create costume which wasn’t my purpose. Rest photos I will show you tomorrow;) Anyway I love steampunk style…DSC_0938 DSC_0709DSC_0720DSC_0728DSC_0734DSC_0670