My favourite color

Fallfromgrace349 this is my COLOUR 😍😀😄😃😊😉

For many years I was hiding behind black color and I thought that this is my favourite. Today I know it was just wall. I really like black anyway but my favourite is Orange. Orange is warm I feel safe I feel good positive energy. I love orange flowers orange paprika. I’ve seen orange sand in Spain it was beautiful, there are orange mushrooms I don’t remember name of them, juices. Mars planet looks great. But I find if there is too much orange around I feel distracted and not comfortable. If about fashion I like orange color just on some adds on some pieces like belt scarf maybe T shirt or just picture or some on hair or backpack. If about home I love orange candles or potpourri or some decoration. I really like to have with me something in orange😀.
What about you?

History Of Dressmaking

what a priceless informations


History of dressmaking
The Oxford English Dictionary first recorded ‘dressmaker’ in 1803. Throughout the nineteenth century and until the rise of ready-to-wear, most women who did not make their own clothes at home employed a dressmaker, who copied or adapted the latest clothing ideas from Paris, London or other fashion centres, based on printed illustrations called fashion plates.
A dressmaker is often professionally trained. Many learn in an apprentice role, under the tutelage of an established dressmaker, while some learn in formal school settings. Still others learn through years of trial and error. Dressmaking methods involve measurements, a trial garment, called a “muslin” or “toile”, and several fittings.
Custom dressmakers also create clothing for clients with unique needs, such as performers, artists, disabled or wheelchair-users, wearers of prosthetic devices, vintage or fashion-forward aficionados, and historical re-enactors. They can also recreate, redesign, and reinvent existing garments (such as updating a great-grandmother’s…

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